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Death Doom

Get Hooked on GUTHOOK’s Insanely Slow-Moving Morbid Death DOOM!

Do you want to know what decaying flesh sounds like? Do you want to know what a maggot smells while feasting on human meat? Do you want to hear one of the most vile Death Doom releases of 2024? GUTHOOK’s self-titled tape is an ultra-bleak look into a never-ending audio black hole. This band’s songs are slow-moving death hymns that will not only suffocate you but also will have you saying damn, this band creates some grim fucking tunes, tunes like “PERMANENT HOME” and “ADDICTED TO KILLING” prove that murder was on their mind when they wrote these songs. GUTHOOK music gives my darkest thoughts a safe place and becomes the anger I need to battle my demons. This band’s riffs lurch over the somber atmosphere that this band conjures up. GUTHOOK is not trying to be popular, but they are succeeded in manifesting some of the gnarliest Death Doom on this FUCKED UP PLANET.

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