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Unholy fuck – I’ve got to say that 2019 has been fucking rad for Crossover!!! I feel like I have a good outlook on this genre because I lived through the first wave of Crossover in the 80’s. I saw how Suicidal Tendencies went from a straight hardcore band to

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Human beings do all sorts of horrible things to one another. Putting it to music can help sort through the gross feelings we get when we contemplate the worst of humanity – the mass hysteria and genocide that stem from pure fear and ignorance. That’s exactly what BLACK TUSK have

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With summer beginning to fade and Halloween approaching – who I am I kidding, it’s Halloween every day that ends with a -y for me. Meaning, I sit in a dark room with horror movies on, not answering the door. So when someone says to me, “Oh, wow you must

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UK’s VENOM PRISON are touring the states with Homewrecker. Two members of the band put together this sick play list of songs that they might be blasting on their long drives across the great unknown! Their latest album Samsara is out now via Prosthetic Records Ash Gray Myrkur – Maneblot

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How knows why but i will tell that MERCYFUL FATE was one of those bands that hardcore kids not get enough in the early 80’s.Me and my metal head homies blast the fuck out their first EP & first LP. We all went to check out MERCYFUL FATE wreck shit at the

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Repeat after me: SAVAGE MASTER is the BOMB! One more time: SAVAGE MASTER is the BOMB! This band creates the kind of soaring metal that will allow you to head bang and feel good about life! Every song on their soon to be released album Myth, Magic & Steel is

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