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Unholy fuck – the RAGE is real and CHAINBREAKER is delivering truck loads of it with the release of Lethal Desire! This album will send shock waves through your system with each listen. This band makes every gnarly riff count and the vocal attack on this record is Fucking Top

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It’s fucking on and it’s time to fucking RAGE!!! The band HELL FIRE rocks harder than Stonehenge with the fury of Motorhead! I love this kind of classic metal – it’s the foundation of many forms of extreme music. Their new album Mania comes out on March 29th via Ridingeasy.

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Unholy hell – are you ready for REAPER’s new demo Ravenous Storm of Piss? This 3-song whirlwind of metal madness fucking kick ass. The riffs that you will encounter on this demo will take you back to the first time you heard Bathory. Much respect due to Iron Bonehead Productions

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Unholy fuck – Immortal War is back with a promo of their upcoming album and it rocks harder than a bag of cement. This band creates the kind of Punk-infused metal that gets my blood boiling and my tastebuds ready for some morbid fried riffs! When their new album drops

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Unholy awesome fuck check out this insanely awesome footage of ENTOMBED killing in 1990.It’s epic watching them perform in a room full of heavy metal maniacs!!!

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In 2016 LIFESICK released their debut LP 6.0.1 through the prestigious Southern Lord Records, not just making their mark within the heavy music genre but smashing a dent that no one would soon forget. Now, having signed with Isolation Records, comes their follow up second album, Swept In Black. If

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