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Experience the Hardcore Thrash Fury of FORESEEN’s Untamed Force

WTF! WTF! I got to say this one more time: WTF! The new FORESEEN album Untamed Force out now on Quality Control HQ is far beyond awesome, it’s fucking sensational!! They figured out a way to combine their Hardcore roots with their love for Metal and Classic rock to create a record that I might have to call a classic! I loved the band before this, but now their creative stock has totally risen in my eyes!

If you don’t believe me just blast their anthems “Serve Your Purpose” and “Desensitized” and let the soaring well-thought-out riffs do the rest. This band seems like they are on a mission to manifest one of the sickest Crossover records ever made and I think they have come really fucking close. This is not a record to chill to, this is a record to rage to. The production on Untamed Force is perfect, it’s clean while still maintaining the right amount of sonic filth. FORESEEN have achieved what some bands never achieve: a collection of songs that truly match the passion that they have for their craft. Untamed Force (order HERE // HERE) is an album is a record that will bring Hardcore Punks together with Metalheads the same way Suicidal Tendencies’ first album did! Yo, this is a message to FORESEEN: congrats on creating a stellar record that will stand the test of time and beyond!

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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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