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Will Butler, the man behind To Live A Lie Records, has a special ear. TLAL’s release history is populated with essential hardcore, fastcore, grindcore, and powerviolence releases. Butler’s seal-of-approval is not to be ignored. These three debut LPs by some of the hardest working bands around are no exceptions. Joy

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This week gave us a nice treat right in time for Halloween. Mortiis, the inventor of dungeon synth, has announced the dates of the second part of his North American tour and unveiled the cover and the release dates of his upcoming album “Spirit of Rebellion.” Mortiis has visited North

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Rend is a studio project formed in the north of England. Their demo Cast Into Their Own Night is rooted within black and extreme metal. The members are irrelevant. Much akin to Ivan The Terrible clutching the mortally wounded body of his child and realising the end of his dynasty,

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All photos and text by Charles Nickles Morbid Sphere This was Morbid Sphere’s first gig (or so some drunk slurred wantonly at a pretty, disinterested party) and it was impressive as shit (wrought and taut and relentless), considering, though perhaps not entirely surprising as this band features cats from Anicon,

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I’ve wandered into a shattered mirror maze where a thousand ghouls are haunting me in my own reflection…I’ve wandered into the world of harrowing USBM project DEATH VANISH. The new LP Total Solitary Instinct is the third release to come from the depraved mind of One Master’s Valder. It’s out

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One group that has always pushed themselves out of their creative comfort zone is RORCAL. On their soon to be released album Muladona that comes out on Nov. 8th via Hummus Records, they continue to push themselves. This time they are bringing Eric Stener Carlson’s novel Muladona to life in

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