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Ruach Raah’s new album Submission In Absolute that comes out on Nov. 8th via War Arts Productions is a primitive blackened war cry! This band can’t be fucked with, and I love how they bash out their songs in such a chaotic way. Ruach Raah’s brand of Raw Punk-infused Black

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Today we’re stoked to finally bring you something that has been widely anticipated and that will surely end up sitting atop the pack of elite war metal releases this year. It was 2016 when Canadian war lords PROFANE ORDER first unleashed their sonic warfare upon the world in the form

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Unholy fuck – I feel sick in the head and it’s because of the fucked sounds of the new LORD MANTIS death hymn “Qliphotic Alpha.” Their soon to be released album is called Universal Death Church and comes out on Nov. 22nd via Profound Lore. All I can say is

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The cult of vileness that is HELLEBORUS have an offering in the works, and it will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Saprophytic Divinations comes out December 6th via Redefining Darkness Records, and it’s got what I need – unrelenting blastbeats, epic breakdowns, addictive groove and vocals

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This is the final part of Morild’s very special roll out for their album Så kom mørket that is out now via Indisciplinarian. No other band this year has created such insanely awesome visuals! Thank you Morild for allowing us to be a part of this captivating aquatic experience. On the day

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German black metal miseryists ABKEHR have finally returned with a new album after Sick Man Getting Sick Records and Sentient Ruin released their astonishing debut LP In Asche back in 2017 revealing the duo as one of the most exciting new prospects in European black metal. Today, ABKHER return with

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