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Black Metal

Experience the Discordant Metallic Black Metal of HARAD’s ‘Star Of Discord, Arms Of Chaos’

Unholy hell fucking yes, the new HARAD album Star Of Discord, Arms Of Chaos out now on King Of The Monsters Records is freaking beyond sick!!! Does this band create scathing Black Metal? Yes they do, but they also weave soaring classic rock riffs into their layers of audio hate! It’s this fact that makes songs like “Screams Of Lammoth” and “Heir To The Sundered Crown” highly addictive! I can’t stop myself from loving this band because of the amount of Blackend Passion that’s infused into every riff and drum beat! HARAD are masters at harnessing all-out morbid rage with layers of cryptic melody!!! As songs like “Star Of Discord, Arms Of Chaos” crawl into my ear drums, I find myself stoked to be able to experience such an amazing band! “Black Sun Black Moon” is a sonic whirlwind that I never want to end because it’s that fucking RAD! Star Of Discord, Arms Of Chaos is a record that should be enjoyed from beginning to end to fully recognize the greatness of this album. I have a message for both HARAD and King Of The Monsters Records: y’all killed it! FYI, this really was one of my favorite Black Metal releases of 2023. Real Talk!

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Sentient 51423

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