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Black Metal

All Out Savage Black Metal! Experience KILAT’s ‘Rantai Penjinak’ EP

Unholy hell fucking YES, KILAT is the fucking BOMB!!! Their 2022 release Rantai Penjinak, out on AR53, is a Black Metal gem that will obliterate your reality!!! I love how they conjure up these songs that are laced with ferocious audio energy that is beyond captivating. Songs like “Sembelih” and “Arwah Pancasona” grab you by your throat and then choke you until it’s hard to breathe. It’s the layers of hate that exist in all of their compositions that impress me. KILAT are masters at creating sonic clouds of dissonant atmosphere that almost become visual! I love Black Metal that pushes the genre forward and Rantai Penjinak does that plus more. If I could go back in time, this record would for sure be on Black Metal EOTYL for 2022. I’m waiting for this band to release more music because I need more KILAT in my life, real talk. They have created a soundtrack to the way that I’m feeling about the world right about now. Before I let y’all go, I have a PSA: Make sure to blast their song “Arwah Pancasona” LOUD AF and make sure you allow the breakdowns to open your 3rd eye so that you can see through the world’s lies!

Art by Alexander 葉 L. Brown

Written By

Sentient 51423

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