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Feel The Dystopian Fury Of NO FUTURE’s “Mirror” LP + Full Stream

Every day when I read the news it feels more and more like we’re hurtling towards a future similar to that of the Australian film franchise Mad Max: sweltering heat, nearing total lack of resources, and every man woman and child for themselves. How appropriate then that a band from Australia called NO FUTURE would provide music so fitting for such a future. On their new LP Mirror, NO FUTURE bring us into their world of harsh and chaotic raw punk that would sound appropriate blaring from a car’s sound system as it throttles down Fury Road. Beginning with feverish white noise before exploding into a full on sonic assault, listening to this record feels like being pulled into a violent sandstorm that doesn’t let up until the final note. Treading in the same territory as contemporaries SIAL, ENZYME, and FAIRYTALE, NO FUTURE have tons of riffs that perfectly accompany the aggro lyrics that speak on the oppressive nature of our society and it’s dysfunctionally brutal oppression. And while the riffs and vocals are absolutely crushing, what stands out the most are the big bouncy bass lines that add so much texture and depth, specifically on “P.B.S.,” “Pig Fiend,” and “Vampiric Ego Sucker.” Speaking of “Vampiric Ego Sucker,” the track features one of my favorite moments on the album: a swirling, overblown guitar tone that’s almost psychedelic in affect and disorienting in the best way possible. Elsewhere the band goes full d-beat brutality on “Hidden Frequencies,” adds some power with gang vocals on “Absent,” and reminds me of WARTHOG on my favorite track “Endless Torture.” NO FUTURE knows how to put together an album, and once again I find myself listening to what I can only describe as yet another album of the year contender. Now crank this shit up and go full speed ahead into our inevitable dystopian future. At least it’ll sound good!

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Sentient 51423

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