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Feel The Käng Fury Of The New GEFYR/RAT CAGE Split 7″!

I don’t think anyone would argue that 7″ splits are one of the best formats for punk music and truly feel like a treat. What better way is there to get bang for your buck and check out two bands for the price of one? Squeezing a few songs per band on each side of a single is a long standing traditon and seems to be extra prominent in the D-beat/Käng/Mangel scene, with legendary splits by bands like FRAMTID, SKITSYSTEM, DISCLOSE, and countless others being rabidly sought after by record collectors around the world.

In that spirit Bunker Punks and Flyktsoda just dropped a total killer of a split featuring two of today’s wildest, RAT CAGE from Sheffield and GEFYR from Hudiksvall, the same town in Sweden as the legendary TOTALITÄR (a fact that is certainly a talking point in write-ups on the band).

GEFYR play bone-crunching D-beat that has a great rock ‘n’ roll backbone, and after their fantastic 2022 self-titled LP I’m stoked to see them on the A-Side here. You’ll find them rocking particularly hard on their second track “Nazismens Plagiat”; I could listen to that guitar lead on repeat for the rest of time.

RAT CAGE certainly need no introduction and after countless releases and a few other splits, most notably with NERVOUS SS as well as their appearance on last year’s “Screaming Death” comp. This single sees them in top form, belting out three more catchy as hell heaters that scratch every itch, especially “Thatcher’s Back”. Listen to those “ahhhhhhhs”, too good.

Don’t sleep on this one, it’s going to go down as one of the greats!

Available now on Bunker Punks in the U.S. and Flyktsoda in the EU now.

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