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Hardcore Punk

5 New Insanely Rad Raw Hardcore Punk Releases You Must Hear NOW!

With a big smile on my face, it’s time to share with y’all five kick-ass Raw Hardcore Punk releases that are insanely awesome! All of the words you read below were not written, they were channeled by the sonic inspiration I experienced while creating this feature!

Cimitero Il Culto della Carogna

I’m saying this LOUD AF the new record from Cimitero is fucking Hot Like FIRE! Every tune is a HUGE Burst of Flaming Hardcore Punk and will be burned into your mind. Unholy hell yes, these two humans have crafted a collection of songs that I will have on repeat all day long! Press play on songs like “Seppelliscimi in Piedi” and “Mausoleo” and you will hear for yourself how urgent and groovy this band’s compositions are. I want Cimitero to know that over here at CVLT Nation we have their back because they are gnarly AF!

Malignant Order This is Mankind? Demo

Hot damn, in the name of raging Raw Hardcore Punk, the new Malignant Order demo is off the fucking scale! From the moment I pressed play, my wig got pushed back by their unrelenting storm of intense awesomeness!!! This band does not just write songs, they create calls to arms in the form of vicious anthems that are full of on-point putrid passion. The breakdowns you will experience while blasting This is Mankind? Demo are deep-moving sonic caves blackened fury!!! Respect due to LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS for unleashing another banger unto the world!

HEAVEN 4​-​Track EP

Holy shit, my brain is crying tears of Pummelling Hardcore as I blast the new 4-Track EP from HEAVEN that is coming out on Iron Lung Records on June 28th. Everything about this offering is intense. Every track on this record is giving me made-in-the-gutter I don’t give a fuck vibes. The vocals you will encounter on songs like “S.C.U.M” and “Peace Lies” come from deep within the singer’s soul. HEAVEN’s music will take you to D-Beat-Raw Hardcore-Punk heaven and back again! The amount of feedback that went into making this EP just might be hazardous to your health, but fuck it, you only live once.

June 2024 TX weekender with NASTI
28 – Denton @Which House w/ Allison Janney and Negative Influence
29 – Houston @Trip Six w/ Mexican Coke, Desadaptado Social and Warden
30 – Austin @Mohawk w/ N.R.A. and DJ Morbid Angel

Martirio Fuerza Ancestral

If you don’t know you are going to find out that Martirio’s new record Fuerza Ancestral is the FUCKING BOMB! I know for a fact these songs were created from the lived experiences of every member of this band. This is no cosplay punk here — this is real-life pain turned into sonic art that will slap you in the face to wake your ass up. I love the lyrics on songs like “All Bark No Bite” and “Ciclos” because they lay down the law. Martirio manifests the kind of Hardcore Punk that makes me want to punch a cop and hug my Brown comrades. Musically, this band kicks out fully charged-up dirge-filled anthems that will stick with you for a long time. I would love to see them live because I know the circle pit must be insane. Real talk, Martirio are aggro AF, but always lace their tune with a healthy dose of chaotic melody to keep your brain cells slam dancing against your skull!


It’s time for y’all to pay attention to the new CRUCIFORM CASSETTE that is out now via Toxic State Records. Throughout five in your face tracks, this band will take you back to the 80s and beyond. They manifest the kind of sonic chaos that is a total mind fuck filled with mayhem-induced joy. On gnarly bangers like “Time Spent” and “Human Disgrace,” they show you that insanity has a nice ring to it! I know for a fact that if I heard CRUCIFORM growing up in the 80s, I would have been blasting them nonstop and making my own sharpie-drawn t-shirt because they are that sick! Fuck the system, listen to more CRUCIFORM!

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Sentient 51423

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