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Melbourne-based shoegaze duo Modern Heaven have just released a 5-song EP entitled Midnight Cowboy! This is a fantastic gem not to be missed. In fact, a couple of tracks in particular would be criminal not to include on your set lists this year. The EP opens with the atmospheric “Another

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Diploid is a band that blends genre seamlessly to the point where it is hard for me to exactly define what it is they are doing between records. Their music is dynamic; switching from screeching black metal to hardcore/power-violence styled songs and even some soundscape, noise driven work. Their music is

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Life has a funny of way of connecting the dots. Random moments that lead one into almost predestined situations. Such was my chance encounter with these animals from Australia. While soaking my liver in a much-needed late night session at my local watering hole, I stumbled onto the masterminds behind Oligarch. After

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We all consider the album to be a very personal release… it’s centred on a sort of inside/outside dichotomy. – Ned Claridge, Stockades. Ever feel that moment in a particular song or album that makes you lose all sense of time and space? That connection you feel so deep; the

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Tribes of Melbourne is an interesting look at what kids from from the Australian underground had to deal with. It’s pretty rad that Tina McQuade and Steve Goddard had the foresight to capture the scene that was happening around them in Melbourne. Without this sort of film, all that would

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There are some bands that make you question the very nature of your own identity. Masses are one such outfit. Building dense and biting soundscapes that comment on the current state of Australia’s – and other developed countries – social make-up and the idea of ‘individuality,’ this Melbourne five-piece have

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