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Hear the Gritty Indie Post Punk of ENOLA ‘All Is Forgiven’

Just as things begin to feel as though they’re crashing down all around us and we’re forgetting the feeling of being soul living a human existence, music does its magick and we remember that there’s a vessel for our fears and joys. For me, right now, that’s the 2023 record from ENOLA entitled All Is Forgiven. This is post punk with the guts of the Ramones and the pessimism of Joy Division and the dreams of Siouxsie. All Is Forgiven has the noisy, driving catharsis that lets me shake away all of my cares and the addictive beats that make me want to bounce and the undercurrent of discontent and unrest that remind me to reject apathy. If you need a record to motivate you to get out of bed and face the world another day, let ENOLA’s All Is Forgiven be it. Also check out their new 2024 single “It’s Not Love” below!

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Sentient 51423

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