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Black Metal

Revisit This Black Metal Gem! Ferocious Hell Blizzard DISGUSTER Review + Free Download

I wrote the below words in 2011, and over a decade later, this DISGUSTER record is still one of my all-time favorites!!! Revisit it with me below…

You can call the new DISGUSTER album, Ferocious Hell Blizzard, black metal if you want, but after one listen, I know for a fact that you will realize that this record truly breaks all sonic barriers. From the first moment of this record, I just knew I was in for something special. Ferocious Hell Blizzard kicks off with these really dirgy guitars that are full of desolate emotional showers of loss & hope. Then DISGUSTER open the the doors to Hell and lets the raging guitars take over. What’s gnarly about this release is the production – yeah, it’s dirty & sleazy, but at the same time it’s still clear. DISGUSTER conjures up my kind of black metal; you know, the kind that is not too far from its’ punk roots! 

Ferocious Hell Blizzard is constructed with supernatural layers of emotion that will imprison you. The thing is, when you put this album on, you won’t mind that you have been trapped in a room of darkness. When DISGUSTER goes acoustic, that’s when you will start to hear how super rad this band really is. The promo I have is one long mp3, so there is no way of knowing where one song starts & the other one ends. So I don’t know the exact name, but the gothic folk acoustic instrumental song is fucking awesome, I could just listen to it over and over. I can hear the truth in this composition with every strum of the guitar.

After that, DISGUSTER zooms you back into their world of blackened hate, where only ghosts & bones of the dead still exist. This band knows how to punch you right in the grill with cyco deranged melody that will have you wanting to be punched again. The vocals on Ferocious Hell Blizzard sound like they are being screamed up from the catacombs – they have this buried in filth effect to them that sounds ultra rad. On the real, this release is one of coolest American black metal albums to be made this year. I feel a little bad for enjoying these humans’ fucked-up lives so much, but hey, it has them creating killer sonic hate. Just to let you know, within the first two seconds of playing this album, I knew I had struck blackened gold!

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Sentient 51423

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