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Black Metal

Get Plagued by the Perverse Black Metal/Punk of HÄSSLIG ‘Apex Predator’ Full Album Premiere

Get ready to have venom spit in your eyes a boot stomp on your face. Tomorrow Sentient Ruin will release the wretched debut disease from Spanish black metal/punk sociopath HÄSSLIG, and today we’re excited to reveal the work for you in its entirety, a full day ahead of release. Witness the filth-riddled majesty of Apex Predator right here:

HÄSSLIG is yet another audial plague conceived by enigmatic recluse Spanish black metal musician D.B., who is more widely known for his more adherent and intransigent solo black metal work under the banners of Negativa and Délirant. With HÄSSLIG however D.B. leaves the esoteric and supernatural black metal world to come back down on earth and revel among the worst scum of this planet, discharging 12 putrid stabs of demented and nekro-fucked black metal punk necrotized with elements of Oi!, post-punk and black and roll. The whole work reeks with booze, dirt, filth, drugs, death and perversions, resembling almost some kind of squalid, slum-vomited nightmare of sorts where the shit end of society’s stick scrapes by how they can, with crime, fraud, betrayal, theft, violence, and of course murder, being the defining triumphs in this lurid story telling and glorification of society’s worse.

With influences coming from bands like Ildjarn, Bone Awl, Midnight (of which a cover is included) as well as working class skinhead punk and Oi! you can rest assured you’re in for a real ass kicking and a lethal dose of amorality, with minimalist uptempo rhythms clashing against a mindless meat grinder of necrotic, demented riffs. An authentic cesspool of cacophonic anthems crafted in celebration to all the condemned, the rejected and the downcast, and delivered to the listener with vile and enigmatic intents, like a boot to the face or a vile stab in the throat for trivial or absent reasons, just to remind our selves how fucked this world is and how we really have nothing of it to spare or to salvage.

Apex Predator is officially out tomorrow May 3 2024 on LP, cassette and digitally worldwide via Sentient Ruin (get it HERE or HERE).

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Sentient 51423

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