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A mere year after releasing his blood-freezing debut LP Sermons, Italian black ambient/death industrial demon Ittiel is at it again with a brand new LP of purified nightmare fuel under the CLAVICVLA name, Sepulchral Blessing, out this Friday November 1 on Sentient Ruin in North America, and though Cyclic Law

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Today CVLT Nation is proud to bring you the full stream of an utter sonic abomination unlike anything else out there. On their debut double LP Typhomanteia: Sacred Triarchy of Spiritual Putrefaction coming out tomorrow October 25 on Sentient Ruin (US LP), Caligari Records (tape), and Clavis Secretorvm (EU LP/CD),

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Today we’re stoked to finally bring you something that has been widely anticipated and that will surely end up sitting atop the pack of elite war metal releases this year. It was 2016 when Canadian war lords PROFANE ORDER first unleashed their sonic warfare upon the world in the form

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S.E.K.H. are an industrial/noise black metal duo hailing from Galicia, Spain, formed by AT (Suspiral, Black Earth, Sheidim), and MS (Suspiral, Excurse), releasing a “debut album”, or double EP, tomorrow October 11 through Sentient Ruin as a limited edition double cassette tape box set + digital. The abhorrent work titled

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CVLT Nation is stoked today to have been tasked with the exclusive album premiere of “The Third Estate” – the debut album from Columbus OH-based satanic/anarchist EBM/Industrial act 6th Circle, which officially drops tomorrow October 4 on tape/LP through Sentient Ruin. On the debut LP the solo act of Matt

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On September 27 Sentient Ruin and German dark industrial forge Cyclic Law will release the third chapter in the legacy of Black Earth, one of the current rising stars and leading forces in ritual black industrial these days, and today we’re stoked to premiere their sophomore album “Gnarled Ritual of

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