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Watch the Anti-Catholic Death-Sludge Horror of MAUDISSEZ “Fracture Par Fracture”

Anti-Catholic, you read it right. That’s what France’s blackened death-sludge heretics MAUDISSEZ are about. Saying it out loud, and calling out that repugnant pedophile cult for what it really is: a fraudulent thievery leeching off of superstition, ignorance and secular political ties, to steal from and defraud society of its free thinking and intellectual potential. In the music video of their song Fracture Par Fracture,” which we are excited to unveil for the first time ever today, MAUDISSEZ churn out a putrescence of sickening audio-visual hallucinations that underline the immense darkness of organized religion as it exists in all its uselessness and repulsiveness. And what could serve as the best soundtrack to their wretched visual denunciation if not one of their colossally crushing and utterly bleak songs? Behold:

And as its false idol corpse dangles from the cross it is hilariously nailed to, the absurdity of organized religion comes into full view, and its shameless fraud is revealed as centuries of lies and superstitions are put into the context of todays status quo, revealing how still utterly absurd is it that such a joke of an organization still has all this power and influence as it did back in the Middle Ages when humans still threw their feces out in the street, didn’t bathe, or burned people on a stake over a matter of opinions. Clearly we have made progress zero since then, and the living joke of catholicism is still here to testify this.

And Maudissez know it all too well, being from France and having learned the bitter lesson that European history has taught us on the abomination of Catholicism that in spreading like a plague, annihilated arts and cultures, enslaved and tortured millions, stole and ransacked, turning first the old continent, and then the rest of the tribal (AKA the real civilized world) into a dark age of ignorance, fear, anti-intellectualism and superstition.

And while you’re at it don’t forget to check out the band’s skull-crushing debut self-titled album from late 2023, a monstrous slab of slow moving blackened audial nihilism that just got its first ever — and much needed — vinyl treatment from Sentient Ruin (get it HERE or HERE).

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