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Get Nasty with the CUNTROACHES

If the name didn’t give it away, Cuntroaches are cut from a different cloth. This Berlin-based cadre of sonic terrorists constructs an extremely abrasive sound that defies easy categorization. Their self-titled full-length is due out on February 23rd, courtesy of SKiN GRAFT Records.

Despite their genre-blurring sound, the hole they are most often pushed towards is black metal. If there is indeed something to this comparison it is with the old and stench-ridden filth of bands like Beherit and Hellhammer. Nothing here screams snow-capped mountains or demons in the woods. Instead, on tunes such as opener “Borborygmus”, “Gordian Knot” or “Erbium”, Cuntroaches revel in sonic filth of the highest degree. They wield noise like a weapon and gleefully adopt and discard rhythmic approaches to achieve their poisonous ends. They blast one moment and spit out an Amebix-inspired drum battery the next.

Industrial and power electronics as influences are not off the table either. The vocals are drenched in distortion and echo, so altered they are a psychedelic instrument on their own. “III” marries a primitive techno beat with a squall of noise worthy of Merzbow, while “Red Velvet Rose” sounds like early Godflesh in a knife fight with Test Dept.

If there’s one true lineage for Cuntroaches caustic noise though, it’s passed down from rock and punk’s most outre and experimental acts, if not in sound than at least in spirit. Think Harry Pussy, No Trend, or Brainbombs, really anti-social stuff. I don’t know what Cuntroaches are going on about, but I still feel like I need a shower after listening to them.

Do you like extreme music? Cuntroaches throws down the gauntlet, wanting to see if you can hang. I for one love it, even if I need to be cleansed afterwards.

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Sentient 51423

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