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5/45s With KATE CLOVER

For our 5/45s feature, we ask musicians to walk us through some of their favorite singles. Whether they be influential, impossible to find, or just a prized possession, we love discovering the 2-3 minute tunes that inspire some of our favorite music.

For this week’s feature we talk to KATE CLOVER about her favorite 7-inch singles. On top of recently dropping her excellent new LP The Apocalypse Dream, Kate has been touring the States and Europe relentlessly and was kind enough to take some time to talk 45s. Check it out!

Avengers – Paint It Black b/w Thin White Line

Penelope Houston is one of my favorite singers and this cover proves my love for her vocal talent even more. The lead guitar tone is perfect and band’s performance is stellar. It’s far from a sarcastic punk cover of a Stones song due to the quality of Houston’s vocals and the bands musicianship. I remember being mesmerized by the album cover the first time I saw it. Penelope starring into your soul with her pristine platinum buzz cut and her winged eyeliner perfectly so. She caught my full attention. 

Barry Blue – Dancin’ (on a Saturday Night) b/w New Day

I’ve been on a serious glam kick and when I first heard this song I was obsessed with it for a week straight. The arrangement of the song is super eclectic and yet somehow still delivers a simple pop hook. Boomy drums, hand claps, interesting guitar leads and gang vocals all help drive the song into some interesting sonic territories that will loop inside your mind for days. It always shifts the mood of the night when I spin it.

The Limit – Please Please Me b/w My World At Night

Anyway, back to the Beatles. THE LIMIT’s cover of the fab four’s classic is on par with the original. I said it. The vocal harmonies are incredibly pleasing and the chiming lead guitars makes you feel like you’re taking shots at The Cavern Club. Fun as hell. The musicianship and performance makes you double check the the album credits. 

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Run Through The Jungle b/w Before You Accuse Me

John Fogerty isn’t historically punk but in my opinion he’s a natural. His essence is punk as hell.  Mischievous yet upbeat and always a sure way to get people’s toes tappin’. Fogerty’s laid back yet howling vocals slither along oh-so-gently across the beat. The interaction between his guitar and vocals are what crystallize their sound. His guitar playing is underrated. Full of technique, melodic yet simple, and often the catchiest parts of their songs. It’s no surprise that the GUN CLUB covered them and were Hunter S. Thompson’s favorite band. Cool knows cool.

Chron Gen – Outlaw b/w Behind Closed Doors/Discotheque

From the first note this song is set to excite. The melodic yet abrasive guitar tone is unexpectedly pop. The chord change into the chorus always elicits fists in the air when I spin it. Its simplicity is its strength and is undeniably a punk classic.

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