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In this too often self-obsessed superficial age when the trivial and the frivolous frequently take precedence over more intimate and meaningful things, how wonderful it is that we have at least got Earth to elevate us above the slime. Dylan Carlson’s warm and emotive instrumental tones seem to connect and

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Fuck Rules! Fuck Normal! Creating is all about being free! Three One G has always been a label that has been home to some of the most forward thinking aliens in music. This is totally the case with Geronimo, whose new album Obsolete is out now. If I had to describe

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ENOLA GAY’s s/t EP was released earlier this year via Burning Rose and I have listening to it non-stop because it’s that damn DOPE! That’s why we jumped at the chance to premiere the new video for ENOLA GAY’s “Losing to Berlin”! Get happy sad when you hit play on it below,

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JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES front woman Jasmin Saarela has flipped the script with her new solo project Jess By the Lake. Her debut solo album is called Under The Red Light Shine and I love every minute of it! Her voice feeds me the sonic soul food I need to look

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The Earth cries out. The Geotrauma is echoed in human suffering and violence. Our every utterance and effort at progress goes stifled and unheard. Sometimes, mere Heavy Metal feels inadequate to express the true horror of this world. Reality is infinitely complex and requires great deals of abstraction to communicate

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Off kilter sounds ground my mind in reality – music that is to easy to digest is never fun! I love a sonic challenge because it makes me feel alive, and the people that create this kind of music inspire me. Case in point is the experimental noise unit BLOODYMINDED from

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