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No Human Rights for Some? A look into the work of MUSLIMGAUZE

Bryn Jones, aka Muslimgauze, was beyond prolific when it came to creating protest music that called for the liberation of the Palestinian people from the hands of the Israelis. Even after his premature death, new music is still being found and released. I have nothing but respect for Bryn’s creative spirit and his commitment to the cause of a Free Palestine. I also love the music he created and how he merged cultures into an audio soundscape that unified us rather than separated us. I’m an avid believer that music should be used as a weapon of mass change and over the course of his 100 albums he did just that. I recently got turned on to the Muslimgauze album Veiled Sisters which has been reissued by A L T E R. This collection of songs resonates with me and I have been listening to them nonstop. His use of dub and electronic textures is sublime!

Bryn Jones immersed himself in the Palestinian struggle against the apartheid enforced and upheld by Isreal. When the plight of these humans did not matter to many, it mattered to him. I don’t have the answers, but I do find myself asking this question: Why do the oppressed become the oppressor? Today I want to give a brief overview of the work of Muslimgauze. I also want to say thank you to A L T E R for doing what you do. To my brothers in sisters in Palestine, I will always stand with you! THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES!

Check out this In-Depth Muslimgauze feature over at The Vinyl Factory: An introduction to… Muslimgauze

muslimgauze – bryn jones speaks 

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