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Avant Garde

A 666% Black Metal Celebration: T.O.M.B. “Terror Winds”

At the end of last year, T.O.M.B. released their new album Terror Winds out now on Dark Essence Records, and I got to keep it real, it’s the BOMB! The atmosphere that the band creates on each death hymn is Un-Fucking-Real! In the words of Meek Mills, there are levels to this shit, and this album destroys all of the levels while creating something totally new. I love the vile sonic ocean that is running under every scream and morbid riff! On this offering, T.O.M.B. has harassed all of its power and is really comfortable in its creative skin. I want y’all to blast their song ” Hatred to All” and tell me that this song does weave itself into the darkest parts of your mind. Call me weird but it’s Black Metal like this makes me proud to be a fan of this genre. Do the right thing and get with the Terror Winds program to support T.O.M.B. to the fullest! The last song on this album, “Reincarnation,” is an 11-minute dark anthem that I listen to all day every day!

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Sentient 51423

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