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If you follow us on Instagram then you know we go hard with our IGTV. Check out the killer videos and music that we have posted over the past 6 days all in one place!

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Experimental metal group CATAFALQUE have just released a split with dark ambient/noise project Clawing, and today we’re excited to be premiering their video for the track “Signs of Stigmata.” It’s an eerie, unsettling audio journey that feels like I’m making my way deep into the heart of darkness. The split is

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I know when I press play on a song and electricity shoots through my nerves to gather strength at the base of my neck that I’ve found something special and meaningful to me. BRUME‘s track “Lament,” which we’re premiering here today, is buzzing at my nape as I write this.

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Are you ready to fly? Are you ready to allow your mind to travel? If yes, then I have the perfect soundtrack for you and it’s created by the band FYRHTU! Their soon to be released record No more days in the light is an enchanting dark portal to a

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There’s nothing we love more here at Cvlt Nation than watching bands change and grow into distinct new territory as artists explore the limits of their abilities and learn new skills. Portland’s synth duo ‘Xibling‘ have been doing just that since their inception. After dropping two EPs last year, they’re

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With Gold and Grey’s release, Cvlt Nation looks back over Baroness’s long career to piece together how they got to this stage, tracing their sound and artistic evolution. Here, we hark back to the quieter side of their double album, the Green record. Green is a softer, smoother take. Certainly

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