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Avant Garde

Experience the Slow-Moving High Vibrations of JAKOB BATTICK “Slow Motion Summer”

As the world spins fast on an axis of hate, I love to listen to music that spins slowly on the axis of LOVE! Today that’s Jakob Battick’s new album Slow Motion Summer which comes out on Oct. 6th via Stoned to Death &  Lilien Hexen. As I listen to this album, I find my imagination expanded and in communication with my ancestors who were victims of white terrorism. I can’t stop thinking about how my ancestors were living under horrible conditions but found ways to rise above the hate to create a space of love! Jakob Battick’s music is filled with heavy meditative energy that uplifts the listener to higher heights. There is something so romantic about this music that I’m transfixed. I’m so happy that we are able to share with y’all the title track “Slow Motion Summer” below. Jakob keep doing what you’re doing because your vibration speaks to me!

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