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Avant Garde

Experience the Chaotic, Harmonious Genre-Mutated Sounds of LOL K

I want to say thank you to LOL K for creating music that is so good for my mental health! Their soon-to-be-released album “climbing/holding/falling” (coming out on July 19th via Halcyon Veil) is a collection of off-kilter soundscapes that point me to my futuristic past. As I listen to their song “Luna,” I can’t help but think about my walks through Denmark Hill wondering if my life would ever be what it is today. LOL K’s music evolves with each experience, and it’s up to you, the listener, to discover what this project means on a personal level. Imagine if Terry Hall of the Specials and Fun Boy 3 decided to collaborate with Aphex Twin, guided by the 3rd eye vision of Roots Manuva, who is high on the secondhand smoke of the Wild Bunch. As an album goes, this band has conjured up an avant-garde classic that might only be understood in years to come. We asked the band to curate a playlist for us and from the music they picked, I can hear how their creative peers have impacted their creative vision. FYI LOL K, y’all should know that I found some rad gems via your playlist and Jim Legxacy and Jawnino are two of my go-to favorites right now! We are also premiering LOL K’s new track “Outside Chance” below, so y’all better get with the program!

Mori.111111 – faulty b

We met Mori.111111 at art school and we lived together for a few years back then. The music she’s been producing recently is super sensitively put together and beautifully realised. And she’s agreed to play a live show with us to celebrate our new album launch in London.

Iceboy violet, nueen – slammd – interlude

We recently shared a bill with Iceboy Violet in Switzerland and the presence they bring to a stage is staggering. Such an amazing writer and performer.

LA Timpa – kind to worst ways 

Timpa has a vocal feature on our last Lol K record ‘The Breeze’ and every time they release anything it’s all I listen to for weeks. So understated.

Feeo – the world weeps, her cancer conceived in sweet England

Avant folk trad tronics. Luscious songwriting and world building.

Finlay Clark – Fun

The most wretched pop song.

Joni Mitchell – Hejira

A big inspiration for the guitar sound of the record and I love how Joni sounds over her chorus drenched playing. This song has such a mesmerising quality even though it’s meandering and loose

Jim Legxacy – old place

A perfect song and a genius video. Jim Legxacy deserves all the flowers and I can’t wait to see where he goes

Jawnino & Cold – Wind

Heartbreaking and lowkey. Sounds like watching the sunrise from the Overground. We love both these artists.

Carl Stone – Shing Kee

Still so fresh 40 years later. Groundbreaking minimalism/sample music and that I think of often. 

Vybz Kartel – Not Ok

Unlike any other song in his vast back catalogue, Vybz released this in the dark days of the pandemic. It sounds like Emo karaoke made in GarageBand but the emotion is so real and his voice is just perfect. Unironically a banger

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