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Avant Garde

Praise Be Upon Us: Witness the New Visual from The Lord† (Greg Anderson) & Daniel Kubinski “Palliare

My heart is in pain. The nightmares of humanity are so inhumane. Within morbid sounds, I find my solace! That is why today I’m stoked to share with y’all the new song from The Lord† (Greg Anderson) and Daniel Kubinski entitled “Palliare”! This haunting, dirgy anthem reeks of audio torment that’s almost suffocating. Daniel’s vocals are a highly disturbing instrument unto itself and are also totally captivating. The Lord† production is Heavy AF while being almost transcendental. I’m happy that we have been given the honor of sharing with y’all the rad visual for their song “Palliare” below. I must say that I have been a fan of Daniel Kubinski’s vocals for over 40 years and this song only proves why he sounds like no other. Praise the Lord and Hails to Black Jesus!

The lyrics for “Pallaire” were actually written in 2016 when the first lineup of The Crosses were writing songs for an original LP. The lyrics were for a song entitled “Goner” which was kind of a noisy, lightning speed, crazy song that sounded somewhat like the Birthday Party if they had written a hardcore song. I had always liked the lyrics so when the Crosses split up in 2017 (the first inception of the group) I held on to the lyrics hoping to use them for something else down the road. In 2022 Sunn 0))) guitarist and Southern Lord founder Greg Anderson approached me and invited me to sing on one of his songs for his project “The Lord”. The first time I heard the song Greg sent me entitled, “Pallaire” I immediately remembered the Goner lyrics and thought they might work for the song, they were a perfect fit!

I am so proud to be part of The Lord family and that Greg and Southern Lord believed in me to come up with the goods!

Daniel Kubinski 

I’ve been a massive fan of Daniel Kubinski ever since I heard his caustic vocals in Die Kreuzen circa 1985. While the musical direction of Die Kreuzen changed drastically over the years, it was always anchored by Daniels’ unique, innovative vocal style.  Massive respect to him for simultaneously blazing a unique path and breaking new ground.   I finally got to meet Daniel when Sunn O))) played with his current band, The Crosses, in Milwaukee at the Turner Ballroom.  I was equally blown away by his performance that evening as well as his humility and kindness.  

The music from “Palliare” was conceived mid-pandemic.  The composition is inspired by an empathetic attempt to interpret the despair of someone in palliative care. It was ultimately recorded with Brad Wood at Sea Grass.  Daniel recorded his vocals locally (Milwaukee) at Howl Street Studios. His corrosive, throat-shredding emanations singularly gave propulsion to this track.  

†the Lord† 
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