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Avant Garde

Give Them Their Roses! This Is My Letter To ZOLA JESUS’s ‘The Spoil’

15 years ago is when I first heard the unreal voice of ZOLA JESUS, and was hooked instantly. Her album The Spoils became a go-to record for me and I would lose myself every time I put it on. As I immersed myself in songs like “Six Feet (From My Baby)” and “Smirenye,” I knew that I was experiencing an otherworldly artist who would go on to create even more extraordinary art. As my life changed and put me and my family through unseen challenges, I would turn to this record for solace. In a weird way, ZOLA JESUS inspired us to want to start CVLT Nation. It’s crazy how songs like “Clay Bodies,” still give me chills to this very day! I found Heaven on vinyl recently, and I was reminded how much I love this album. Discovering an artist like ZOLA JESUS reminds me of when I heard NEW ORDER for the first time and how it made me feel. Zola, if you are reading this, just know that my admiration for your work has only grown. 15 years later, The Spoil is an unreal record that means the world to me!

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Sentient 51423

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