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The Zombie-Like Effects of Legal HIGHS…
Real Life Horror Video Essay

I admit it – I’ve inhaled and I’m proud of it! But I have never been into hard drugs, and one major reason is because I grew up seeing people whacked-out on PCP in the 70’s. I’m just saying, when you see your 22 year old cousin jump through a window, try to beat up two cops and get thrown in jail, you just say NO! When I got older, I started getting into X, but that mostly just leads to a lot of dancing and making out…Now fast forward to 2015, and all sorts of “designer drugs” are legal and fucking kids’ and adults’ heads up! I find it revolting that someone can walk into a store and legally buy something that would make them want to bite someone’s head off, literally, while something like pot is still illegal in many states. Anyway, peep these videos of people high on Bath Salts and other designer drugs gone wrong…By seeing the ill effects of these substances, I really hope none of our readers take a chance with this shit – it’s not worth it! One bad trip and a person’s brain could go to a place of no return. It’s all about natural highs in moderation. Bath Salts and their homies have the power to turn users into human zombies…if you don’t believe me, watch the videos below! P.S. the possessed girl looks like she’s freaking out on Vancouver’s skytrain…anyone?


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