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Black Metal

Sidereal Black Metal Magnificence: DECOHERENCE ‘Ekpyrosis’ Exclusive Album Premiere

UK/US industrial atmospheric black metal trio Decoherence have finally reached the milestone of the first full-length LP after an incredible debut 7″ EP had surfaced earlier this year. And what a debut it is. With its monstrous aura levitating from pure dark matter, Ekpyrosis is a sonic event horizon, a sensorial representation of the most apocalyptic and unimaginable cataclysms which shape the cosmos and define mankind’s complete insignificance.

Everyone of the five monstrous tracks on the album is a vast, blood-chilling aural visualization of matter and energy assuming monstrous forms beyond the reach and comprehension of mankind, embodying the quintessence of all cosmological terrors in their most abominable forms: vastness, emptiness, coldness, crushing infinity, cataclysms of unimaginable force, size and destructiveness, aberrant and incomprehensible process of creation/destruction. This idealization of cataclysmic events which we can not even imagine nor fathom is transposed into sound by Decoherence with unseen brilliance, through massive sound sculpting erected upon tapestries of cold and martial drum machines designing erratic and infinite patterns, while ghastly atmospheres of disembodied noise and electronics punctuate an immense otherworldly soundscape made of walls upon walls of dissonant and mangled guitars, like some kind of monstrous alien architecture taking shape beyond the singularity.

The most marvelous aspect of the album is its complete and tyrannical inhumanity. This album is so conceptually focused on things that exist and happen beyond the human reach and existence that any human element – be it even philosophical or conceptual – is completely absent, an aspect which elevates Ekpyrosis to a level of coldness, distance, and inhumanity which is at times feels oppressive . In other words, this record, is nearly completely alien sounding, in the literal sense of the word. Blut Aus Nord had explored it, Darkspace embraced it, Decoherence have glorified it.

Officially out tomorrow November 22 on LP, cassette tape and digital from Sentient Ruin – (pre)order it HERE.

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