Hear your suffering on EKPYROSIS “The Abysmal Chapter'”

If there was a soundtrack to suffocation, this would be it. I can almost feel the oxygen leaving my brain as I listen to the new single from Ekpyrosis called “The Abysmal Chapter.” The drums feel like they’re matching my panicked heartbeat and the vocals sound like the Grim Reaper reading my life’s most painful lessons back to me. It’s an absolutely sickening slab of death metal that will please anyone who loves music that is out to crush the life out of them. Today we’re stoked to bring this rotting corpse called “The Abysmal Chapter” to life – you can pre-order it on digital format or on the split tape they’re releasing with Cryptic Brood called In The Grip of Death, which will also be available on their European tour starting this week (check the dates below). Right now, get ready to defend your life when you hit play on “The Abysmal Chapter”…


Ekpyrosis November 2019 European Tour:

14.11: Regensburg, GER
15.11: Halle an der Saale, GER
16.11: Slavonice, CZE
17.11: Graz, AUT
18.11: Budapest, HUN
19.11: Praha, CZE
20.11: Koln, GER
21.11: Osnabruck, GER
22.11: Berlin, GER
23.11: Kassel, GER


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