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It’s on motherfuckers – ACXDC is here to kick ass and spit in the face of Christ with their feet on the neck of all DOWNPRESSORS!!! Unholy hell, I’m so stoked to say that they’re releasing their album Satan is King on May 15th via Prosthetic Records. WTF – ACXDC are about to KILL SHIT with this release because it’s that freaking bonkers. They don’t waste one second giving the listener a look into their RAGE-filled minds! Not only is Satan is King brutal AF this sonic wake up call to us all ROCKS NON STOP! CVLT Nation is beyond happy to share with you the new ACXDC caustic anthem “GORGED” below, and you can pre-order Satan is King HERE!

“This song is about gluttony and a callous lack of empathy for living creatures that inhabit the earth along with us. Destroying billions of lives (non human and human alike) and by extension the earth for the sake of taste buds and traditions seems to me to be the most egomaniacal thing we can do. It’s a simple choice we make every time we eat.” — Sergio

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