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a Visual psychedelic trip! SCHAMMASCH New Video “Innermost, Lowermost Abyss”

Photo by Ester Segarra

SCHAMMASCH is a band that breaks barriers on so many levels with their music! Yes, Black Metal is their foundation, but they push the genre to new heights. This is why I dig this band so much – they are comfortable in their own skin when it comes to what they sonically manifest. Not only that, but Schammasch flips the script when it comes to visuals. Their last offering Hearts of No Light that is out now via Prosthetic is a grand effort and really should be heard by all! Today we have the honor of sharing with y’all the new Schammasch video for their song “Innermost, Lowermost Abyss” which is totally mind-blowing!

“Innermost, Lowermost Abyss is the fourth, and fittingly, last visual extension of our latest album ‘Hearts of no Light’, translating the aural journey to the abyss of Dionysus onto the screen. Creating this piece was quite a challenge, since It meant diving into a completely new creative space, speaking from a technical point of view. Oftentimes this was a journey to points of zero in its own way, and much like the music itself, it evolved slowly, step by step. Ever since ‘The Supernal Clear Light of the Void’ I’ve thought about the idea of having an instrumental piece translated into kind of a psychedelic visual trip, but the resources necessary for doing that with a 33 minutes piece of music just wouldn’t allow it. One day last year, during a forest hike, it struck me to do exactly that for ‘Innermost, Lowermost Abyss’, so I started working on it right away. It was finished about 10 months later. While being aware that not all of our listeners enjoy our walks on the wild instrumental ethno/tribal/ambient side (not that this would ever stop us from doing anything in any way), the ones among them who do will certainly appreciate the result. To them I’d like to say a word of advice for the best potential watching experience: take a moment and a few deep breaths to empty your mind beforehand, shut yourself off from outside distractions and focus on the center of the screen for the whole duration.”

Photo by Ester Segarra
Photo by Ester Segarra

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Sentient 51423

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