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Experience the Extreme-Experimental Noise of ALL ARE TO RETURN’s ‘AATR III’

Imagine if you were trapped in a cave of Sonic HATE! Imagine if you were trapped in a cave of Sonic FEAR! Imagine if you were trapped in a cave of Sonic Unhinged Filth! These are the things I imagine as I listen to the new All Are To Return album that is entitled AATR III, which comes out on April 26th via Tartarus Records. It’s now time for y’all to enter their world of intense feral industrial-infused noise. We are stoked to be streaming AATR III in full below.

The future unimaginable has become eternal present // what will remain // Everlasting chemicals forever circulating through life. Species going silently extinct as yet others thrive in a poisoned world. The echoes of climate upheaval resounding through time // flood, famine and flame

Written By

Sentient 51423

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