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Grindcore as a Weapon of Mass Change! Experience SUFFERING QUOTA ‘Collide’

As this world spins on its axis of madness I find my solace in the new SUFFERING QUOTA album Collide that comes out on May 26th via Tartarus Records, Lower Class Kids Records & 7Degrees Records. Over the course of ten punishing tracks, this band shows the world why they are at an elite level when it comes to creating Grindcore. Out of all of the sonic chaos that they level against global suffering they create these uplifting moments that give the listener hope. Join us as we celebrate SUFFERING QUOTA’s new album with a full stream that is taking place below and y’all can pre-order Collide HERE!

“Collide” represents a natural progression from our previous album, “Life in Disgust,” both sonically and thematically. This new album is a fusion of our hardcore, metal, and crust influences, building on our past work while also exploring new territory.

We approached this new album with a desire to expand on our sound and we’ve experimented with song structures and incorporated some slower and dynamic sections. In combination with our tried-and-true grindcore energy, this creates a unique sound that’s both engaging and challenging.

Lyrically, “Collide” is a direct confrontation of the wrongdoings of those in power. We want to shine a light on the issues that matter to us, from political and social injustices to personal struggles.

Overall, “Collide” is an evolution of our sound and message. We have built on our past work to create a cohesive and compelling new offering. We hope that this album will resonate with grindcore, and extreme music fans in general.

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Sentient 51423

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