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Death Metal

Experience the Aggressive-Bone-breaking Death Metal of GRAVE MIASMA “Erudite Decomposition”

photo by Jack Latimer

Hey, you – come over here so that I can turn you on to the new Grave Miasma song “Erudite Decomposition” from their upcoming album Abyss of Wrathful Deities. This sonic demonic Death Metal beast comes out on May 14th via Dark Descent Records (US) / Sepulchral Voices (Europe) to say that I was impressed would be a lie because I’m fucking beyond impressed. Straight up, yes, you will encounter thick caustic riffs that will almost choke you out with each listen. What really gets me hyped about this offering is the complex song structures. At times, I feel like Grave Miasma is channeling pure hate through the lens of a satanic free jazz band high on the toxic fumes of death itself! Check out the filthy hymn “Erudite Decomposition” below and make sure to order the record here and here!

This track was the first complete composition from the ‘Abyss of Wrathful Deities’ LP and one we performed live numerous times. A menacing and meandering ride, it also features a characteristic whammy bar-assaulting solo from departed guitarist R. To us, it exemplifies the bridging between the ‘Endless Pilgrimage’ era to the present, a vessel hurtling towards unknown gods.”

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