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CVLT Nation’s
Top 7 New Bands
You Must Hear Today!

1DEATH KNEEL: ”Lilac & Benzine”

Now here is a band that is punk as fuck, but they are not even punk. DEATH KNEEL create noise that is constructed broken rhythms that punch you in the nose!!
Right now I’m being showered with shards of glass covered in static melodies riding on the back of feedback, and it sounds sick! It’s the pulse of DEATH KNEEL that gets me hyped. Under all of the chaos of this band’s sound I can hear sunny skies shine through. I really respect what DEATH KNEEL is bringing to the game of the underground…Support Aught Void…Long Live DEATH KNEEL!


2Qualeaceans: Capture Of Ziz

This band’s new record In The Cavern Of The Flightless might be the most interesting album I have heard so far this year…Now it’s your turn to hear Qualeaceans…Read our full in depth review HERE!


3GHEDE: Demo
RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW….GHEDE‘s demo is sonic death…Now press play so that it can kill you. Punk Black Metal at it’s dirtiest!!!


If Doom is the way of the walk, then WE THE UNDEAD are my new guide. These warriors of the downtuned mind trip manifest the kind of sticky dirge that makes me want to run for my bong! We you hear their song “Seppuku” you will realize that they are not trying to be anyone but themselves, and this why they are going to WIN! WE THE UNDEAD Ashes EP is a classic in my book and this band deserves to be heard by many. So do what you have to do to share WE THE UNDEAD with the living!


Clear your mind and plug yourself into the heavy haze that goes by the name of SELF LOATH…This band’s music unlocks all of my doors of insecurity and makes me feel whole again…Wow, this tape is ear candy especially when you are high!!!



NERVOSAS bang out the kind of sounds that can’t be put into a box, but I will say their sound is really groovy. Once you think you have their sound figured out, they switch it up! NERVOSAS’ songs are so catchy that the CDC might just quarantine them. I love hearing bands that have fun making music and NERVOSAS is one of those bands…The vinyl version of this record is oh so sexy and can be picked up at Let’s Pretend Records…If this band comes to your town, make sure to check them out, because live their songs have been known to rock and shock the nation!


7. NIGHTMARE COLLECTIVE - Misery and Terror

BANG BANG BANG I want to hear something different, and I think I have found it: NIGHTMARE COLLECTIVE’s new demo Misery and Terror. It’s so fucking unhinged, it’s perfect! Straight up, it sounds like they recorded this tape in a sewer but that’s what makes so good! NIGHTMARE COLLECTIVE is full of unconstrained passion and that is why I can’t get enough of this demo. They are also really creative in their own weird freaking way…Do the right thing and download this Demo! NIGHTMARE COLLECTIVE RULE!


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Sentient 51423

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