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80s Hardcore

CVLT Nation’s Top Six New Raw Punk/Hardcore Bands You Must HEAR Today!

  1. DRUGCHARGE Demo CS 2015

I have done some dirt in my life, but I was lucky to never get caught! That being said, Raleigh, NC’s DRUGCHARGE does dirt that I don’t mind at all. This band fucking RULES HARD and reigns down non-stop showers of morbid d-beat riffs. I really love the way that DRUGCHARGE create noisey chaotic anthems that are groovey enough to have zombies dancing on the White Couse lawn before attacking everyone in sight! If they ever tour Canada, I will be front and centre, because I know this band is a BLAST LIVE!



Clocking in at 5:44, the new DECAPITATORS demo is sicker than the underground sewers of NYC the rats call home! From the moment you press play, a HUGE wall of frenzy-infused feedback will invade your senses! What really gets me going is the almost druggy feel that some of their songs have. After blasting the DECAPITATORS demo on repeat for almost an hour, I realized that 5:44 is not enough – I need at least 10:44…So if the band is listening, please make more music, like ASAP! Pick up their demo from our homies over at Cruel Noise!


3. RAZORHEADS: Black Blade 7 inch

RAZORHEADS Black Blade 7 inch is a non stop ride to RAW PUNK Hell! Damn, this band packs a fucking punch that will leave you feeling kicked in the balls. RAZORHEADS could decapitate me any day and I would’t mind because they are that fucking good! If I was you, I would pick up Black Blade if you have a chance. The record cover is off the chain – I love that type of illustration!


4. HIVE s/t Hive Tape

This Minneapolis band brings the ruckus and bring the pain. I fucking love the HIVE s/t tape because this band knows how to write the anthems that make my bones quake!!! Every songs is dripping with conviction that smacks you across the grill, plus they have some the raddest, most monilthic breakdowns in hardcore. This band deals with issues that we all go through, so it’s not hard to relate to their songs. You can download the tape at your own cost or buy the tape HERE. I feel strongly that more people should know who HIVE are because they are the shit!



Who let the crazed hell hounds out? I don’t know, but my eardrums are being attacked by the new FIREWALKER Demo – it sounds RAGING AS FUCK!!! This Boston band has laid down the law with this release. There is not one whack moment that exists on their demo, and the vocals are OUTSTANDING!!! You can pick up the FIREWALKER demo from our comrades over at Failure Recordings.


6. PMS 84 Demo 2016

This is one of my demos of 2016 so far! PMS 84 opens with “Cry Me A River” and never lets up!!! All of the tunes are catchy as fuck and have this sense of urgency that I can not get enough of. PMS 84 is a band that I know you will be hearing more about in 2016, and they deserve it! Blast this demo and tell me you are not hooked – if you aren’t, something must wrong with your ears.


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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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