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Death Metal

CVLT Nation’s Top 10 DEATH METAL Albums of 2020

#10 FACELESS BURIAL Speciation

FACELESS BURIAL is back and straight killing shit with their brand of grim AF Death Metal! Their new album Speciation is out via Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo Records, and to say that I’m impressed would be a gross understatement! On the real, I can’t believe how filthy this record is while still finding a way to be melodic in a murderous sort of way. FACELESS BURIAL’s songs reek of vile passion and their riffs are otherworldly. Full feature HERE.

#9 VACUOUS Katabasis

Right now I feel like I’m living a real-life nightmare about Racist Zombies that come in the form of family members and so-called “elite” bands in the scene. All I want right now is revenge on these racist fucks by beheading all of them or maybe just bombing them out of existence! On second thought, turning CVLT Nation’s readers on to the insanely sick Death Metal of VACUOUS will help me channel some of my anger for good. Their new EP Katabasis is disgustingly awesome and needs to be heard by all! This band invokes a high amount of putrid sonic bile with each second of this release. VACUOUS gets me with their songwriting because they’re able to kick out sinister grooves while laying waste to everything around them. Full feature HERE.

#8 HAD S/T

This band has come out of nowhere to create a sonic beast that can’t and won’t be tamed! All of the songs on their debut will punish every part of your being. On the real, it’s the chaotic killer melody that has me so excited! Don’t even get me started on the vocals, which are rad beyond belief! HAD has created one of the sickest DEATH METAL offerings of this year, which is the reason why we are giving them the shine they deserve. This band’s sound can’t be fucked with, so it’s time for you to get with the program!

#7 200 STAB WOUNDS Piles of Festering Decomposition

Un-Holy-Awesome-Fuck-YES 200 STAB WOUNDS are next level raw straight up! With only one tape “Piles of Festering Decomposition” they have set the underground on FIRE and for good fucking reason! Yeah they create brutal Death Metal but it’s their vile groove that will make you addicted to their sound! I want to salute this band for doing it their way and respect due to Maggot Stomp for releasing this BEAST! On the real I’m really excited to hear how this band grows over time!

#6 NECROT Mortal

What’s that in the air? It’s the rotting stench of decaying Death Metal in the sonic form of NECROT “Mortal”. Their new proves that this band only gets stronger with each release! We would like to salute them for sticking to their guns and manifest raging music that will last for putrid decades to come!


Nasty Demented Twisted and Deranged are the words that come to my cracked skull as I blast the new KOMMAND album Terrorscape. On the real, this band is creating some of the sickest Death Metal in the game! If you don’t know, now you know that KOMMAND can’t be fucked with!


While not properly labeled as “war metal” for lack of better terms, The Tides Of Blood is one of the most bestial, savage, primitive, and inhumanly violent death metal albums I’ve ever laid my ears on. The speed of grindcore and the thrashing dissonance of black metal which, along with death metal, form the core recipe of war metal, seem peeled back here if not totally absent, but in this case, the “less is more” concept works wonders because that’s far from any lack Ceremonial Bloodbath are purveying here – quite the opposite. The absence of recognizable and cliche elements to the genre has perhaps just materialized pure unpredictability and paved the way for something totally disfigured and exquisitely unique. On top of that this band comes with a pedigree that has few equals in Canada, basically the elite of Vancouver’s extreme metal circuit, with the band’s members coming from such bands as Scum Division Cult, Nightfucker, Encoffinate, Radioactive Vomit, Grave Infestation, Mass Grave, Temple of Abandonment and Deathwinds, so you can expect a sound of utmost contamination with influences coming from all over the place.

#3 OF FEATHER AND BONE Sulfuric Disintegration

Now, it’s not unusual for any Death Metal band to know their way around a blast beat or two, but Of Feather and Bone seem to have an obsession with paint-peeling velocities shared by few others. Album opener “Regurgitated Communion” is nothing short of a mission statement, laying the framework for the relentless vicious attack that follows. The thirty-second haunting intro is as close to a breather as this album provides, and it is obliterated by the high-speed assault that follows. There are bits of Morbid Angel here, with some Slayer on cocaine there, all with heaping spoonfuls of Angelcorpse all around. This isn’t an indecipherable blur though if there’s anything the aforementioned acts were good at, it was throwing in plenty of hooks within the barrage, and it is a lesson Of Feather and Bone took to heart. Full feature HERE!

#2 UNDERGANG Aldrig i livet

WTF UNDERGANG is back with a new album called Aldrig i livet. I know you’re not surprised that they’re at the top of our list. There isn’t one safe moment on this record and that the way it should be. I fucking love the way UNDERGANG spews out the raddest Death Metal. I want to thank the band for keeping their sound raw as fuck, because with the state of the world I find solace in their sonic DECAY!

#1 Cryptae Nightmare Traversal

Nightmare Traversal is so absurdly perfect, so incomprehensibly weird, and so marvelously crushing that even within its impenetrable shroud of weirdness, it has broken down the wall of indifference just by sheer personality, finally allowing Cryptae to kick in that door of obscurity that has kept them out of people’s scope of interest this far, to grab everyone’s attention with an almost arrogant and bombastic display of raw creative genius. No matter how absurd and strange, no matter how grotesque, primitive, and atavistic it will sound, one will not be able to deny how ambitiously original and unheard of this band sounds on this new and first full-length album of theirs. And it is not a level of strangeness that seems alien or incomprehensible. It is a realm of strange that is fascinating that grabs you and drags you into a world of disorienting deconstructionism and abstract delirium. Full feature HERE.

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