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Death Metal

Experience the pummelling OSDM of VACUOUS “Katabasis”

Right now I feel like I’m living a real-life nightmare about Racist Zombies that come in the form of family members and so-called “elite” bands in the scene. All I want right now is revenge on these racist fucks by beheading all of them or maybe just bombing them out of existence! On second thought, turning CVLT Nation’s readers on to the insanely sick Death Metal of VACUOUS will help me channel some of my anger for good. Their new EP Katabasis is disgustingly awesome and needs to be heard by all! This band invokes a high amount of putrid sonic bile with each second of this release. VACUOUS gets me with their songwriting because they’re able to kick out sinister grooves while laying waste to everything around them. They bring a d-beat spirit to death metal and it gets the punk in me hyped! It’s an honor to share Katabasis with you in full below, and we salute F H E D for releasing this new underground gem! The order link is in effect HERE so get your OSDM on now…

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Sentient 51423

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