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Today is the day that CVLT Nation turns the world on to SHADOWLANDS and what we feel is a hit single called “Low”! I’m amazed by how epic this song is. Everything about this tune is perfect, from the vocal delivery to the music. All I want to do when

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RATA NEGRA are back with a new 7 inch EP entitled La Hija Del Sepulturero, and every second of it is a catchy ride to Dark Punk Bliss! This record is coming out on the always on-point LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS in the very near future. Right here

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On Oct. 11th, a very special record comes out by the band COLD IN BERLIN called Rituals of Surrender via New Heavy Sounds. This band’s haunting brand of Occult Gothic Doom is addictive and enchanting. The vocals on this album will be a portal into a morbid reality that you

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I don’t usually compare bands to the past, but today I can’t help myself! Unholy fuck, Empty Beings are a modern day 45 Grave mixed with Tex & the Horseheads and Legal Weapon, while injecting something totally new into the Death Rock art form. I saw all of those bands countless

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Hey CVLT Nation readers, are you ready to start your week off with a haunting, bugged out video? The new BATS visual for their song “The Call Of Cthulhu” will fulfill your needs! Their soon to be released album ‘ALTER NATURE’ comes out on 10/10/19 and you can pre-order it

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“The fans appropriate the band, they do their own thing and have a laugh; it’s not clean, it’s messy and it’s chaotic.” This feature via Flashbak! Depeche Mode in 1980 Depeche Mode are one of the biggest groups on the planet. They also have one of the largest fanbases. What the

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