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As soon as that driving bass comes in, I know I’m gonna love Chicago’s PRIMITIVE TEETH! They bring everything that got me into punk. Urgent, echoing vocals. Drums that pummel the skulls of the oppressors. Catchy, melodic, angry riffs. And the steady bass line that carries me on pulsating sonic

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NYC Industrial Post-punk group BODY STUFF put out their 3rd EP last month, Body Stuff 3, and today we’re stoked to be bringing you the video for the track “Spies”! I’m calling this “industrial post-punk” but really it defies genre like good music should. It’s music you can dance to,

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RASPBERRY BULBS is one of the most interesting and exciting bands of the past decade, and with their first new LP in just over 5 years coming out on RELAPSE this month, I finally had an excuse to reach out to them for an interview I’ve wanted to do since

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How rad is it when The Column is releasing a new album on March 20th via The Funeral Party called Sparrow’s Tongue and you can pre-order it here? Right now you better get with the program and check out this killer visual for their track “Taste the Same.” After hearing

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Every few months, I get highly obsessed with true crime shows and I binge-watch them for days until I feel like I’m doing mental and emotional damage to myself and then I cut myself off. I like the classier ones you can find on Netflix, sure, but the shows I’m

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Post Punk is a musical genre that has many different sonic branches. One of those branches is happy and off kilter, and has the power to put a smile on your face even if you feel like shit on a stick! Case in point is the soon to be released

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