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Growing up in the 80’s one band that I loved was the Membranes and until this day I still think they are the bomb! Which is why this is a special feature – check out their remix of “Nocturnal” by Darkwave/Goth Rock specialist KITTY LECTRO. The original song first appeared on

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The captivating darkwave/industrial project known as BESTIAL MOUTHS has a new EP ready to unleash on the world, and it’s called INSHROUDSS. Today we’ve got the honor of sharing their video for the track “The Bleed,” the first cut off the new EP. It’s steeped in intense synths and pulsing

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I want music that can delight me and scare me at the same time. Sounds that coax me into dark room and suffocate me with bliss. That’s the best way I can think to describe the gorgeous new release from CURSE entitled Metamorphism. It’s a heady mix of darkwave, industrial

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Are we living in the last days? I don’t have that answer, but I will say that it’s time to rise up against the oppression that is spreading all over the world! As a teenager growing up in the 80’s Peace Punk scene, I know what it is to stand

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All day everyday I could listen to KORINE because their music makes me feel good to be alive! Their new 7 inch Uncrossed / To you that is out now via Born Losers Records is sonic perfection!!! It’s really hard for me describe, but every moment of a KORINE anthem

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There’s nothing we love more here at Cvlt Nation than watching bands change and grow into distinct new territory as artists explore the limits of their abilities and learn new skills. Portland’s synth duo ‘Xibling‘ have been doing just that since their inception. After dropping two EPs last year, they’re

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