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While finding music for our monthly radio DARK WAVES Radio, I found a band from Sweden called Isolated Youth. I was instantly drawn to their unique brand of post punk. Their EP Warfare is out now on Fabrika Records, and it is one of my favorite releases this year for sure –

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What do Skeletonwitch, Soft Kill, Martyrdöd, Wiegedood and Portrayal of Guilt all have in common? They are all on the Louder than Light Tour that is making its way across the states! Check out these kick ass full sets from all four bands captured by our comrade Max Volume Silence. Make to peep

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It is impossible to give Disintegration a proper introduction without resorting to all manner of hyperbole. There’s the informational bits, that The Cure’s eighth album just kissed its twenties goodbye, much in the same way The Cure’s singer, lead guitarist and figurehead Robert Smith did when writing the album in

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Life is not always easy, but music can always uplift me! Today we want to share almost 2 hours of some our favorite Post Punk // Death-rock jams that make life worth living. It’s time for you to press play and allow CVLT Nation’s Unreal Post Punk // Death-rock Playlist

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Imagine if the band Suicide decided to play straight garage punk – the outcome would be the sound of IMPOSITION MAN. This band’s self-titled LP is full of jams that will keep you moving! We are proud to be premiering their new video for “Promise of Salvation” below. You can pre-order

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Temple of Angels are one of America’s best Post Punk bands that you might not have ever heard of! On a personal level, I can not wait until the day that I get word that they are working on a full length. Until then, I will rely on the memories

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