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All Photos (except Drug Lust) & Text By Em DeMarco Feb. 22, 2015 Drug Lust is coming to eat your souls. A ski-masked hardcore band with vocals that will claw at your ears and eyes and teeth and every bit of exposed skin. Last Friday, they kicked off their tour

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If you ask anyone who claims to subscribe to a punk attitude/code of ethics what makes a band authentic, they will probably give you a vast array of attributes that range from something as simple as being tight musically to something as complex as being opposed to specific political systems

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Text and photos: Sara Power The first metal show I ever attended was Cannibal Corpse back in 2009. Six years and two albums later, Cannibal Corpse has teamed up with European heavyweights Behemoth, Tribulation and Aeon for a Winter Tour that is decimating cities across North America. Kicking off the

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The MORBID EVILS album In Hate With The Burning World that hits the streets March 6th via Svart Records is beyond fucking HEAVY!!! This is doom but not stoner rock, which is fine by me…I dig the way this band creates a sense of horror with their brand of downtuned

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1986: The Regis Philibin Morning Show turned its cameras on the hardcore punk phenomena. The spotlight fell on the quixotic old-timers, Regis and Kathy Lee, paired with four of the New York cult, bedecked in the usual punks and skins wardrobe. The interview featured Warzone’s affable singer, Raybeez. Kathy Lee

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Legion of Andromeda are a unique force in underground metal. Today, the duo will release their debut full-length album, Iron Scorn, for At War With False Noise/Unholy Anarchy Records (order here). Iron Scorn was recently reviewed at Cvlt Nation by yours truly. Fitting then, that I would be interested in

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