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Calling all death metal ghouls: come along and join this morbid riff parade! All you need to do is press play on the stream below and you will be tossed into a neverending pit of rotting riffs, brought to you by STEEL BEARING HAND. On their new self-titled album that

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MAESTUS are getting ready to drop their debut album Voir Dire on March 3rd, 2015 via Glossolalia Records and Domestic Genocide Records, and today we’re stoked to bring you a track from this mass of darkness that’s barreling towards earth, “Weeping Granite.” This blackened doom horde from Eugene, OR, will

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Swedish death sorcerers Tribulation are currently touring North America with Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth and Aeon (see our live review here). CVLT Nation sat down with guitarist Adam Zaars and bassist/vocalist Johannes Andersson in their dimly-lit tour bus to discuss their new album and the driving forces behind their unparalleled experimentation

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Photos and text: Tiina Liimu NAPALM DEATH – VOIVOD – EXUMED – IRON REAGAN – BLACK CROWN INITIATE – DAYGLO ABORTIONS, Rickshaw Theatre, February 17 2015 Amid a sonic output that challenges both Euclidean and temporal constraints, the “Through Space and Grind” tour moniker was no mistake; instead, call it

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Scott Kelly is about to hit the road in Europe as his solo project MIRRORS FOR PSYCHIC WARFARE, alongside Sanford Parker aka TWO FROM THE EYE, and we highly recommend that our European readers find themselves at one of their shows! Scott Kelly knows how to create an atmosphere and

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Several weeks ago, when I wrote this piece for CVLT Nation, my aim was to make people aware of something hugely important happening in a part of the world that the press won’t touch. Understandably worried that they’ll end up in the next ISIS beheading video, news agencies don’t have

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