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Premiere Streaming: HELLKEEPER “Obscure”

Death comes ripping motherfuckers – or should I say that HELLKEEPER is coming for your skulls!!! Their soon to be released LP A World Within Flesh is an ULTRA HUGE bag FERAL RAGE!!! From beginning to the end, this band is on a mission to fuck up the world with an all out attack on the listener’s ear drums. CVLT Nation is fucking stoked to be sharing with their new song “Obscure” below and you can pre-order A World Within Flesh HERE! Stay tuned for a full review of the new HELLKEEPER record!

“The album is about wanting to live in a dream world because reality is too painful,” says Butler. His lyrics use literary references to paint their pictures of depression: “I utilized ideas from Hamlet and Don Delillo’s White Noise, among other books.”





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