CVLT Nation 2 Song Premiere: DARK CIRCLES // ABSTRACTER Split

Unholy fuck, I feel like the world is about to end! This feeling of dread that has come over me is being caused by the power of the new DARK CIRCLES // ABSTRACTER split that is just pure apocalyptic death crust! Five labels – Sick Man Getting Sick Records (DE/EU – LP), Moment of Collapse (DE/EU – LP), L’Oeil Du Tigre (CA – LP), Shove Records (IT/EU) and Halo of Flies (US – LP) – have joined forces to release this monolithic weapon of sonic destruction on April 1st! Although both DARK CIRCLES and ABSTRACTER sound different, there is an underlying sense of despair that binds them together, and this is why this split makes total sense. CVLT Nation has been given honor of premiering a track from each band, which you can hear below…For all of our EU readers, ABSTRACTER will be kicking off their first European tour in April as well. To pre-order this unreal split, just click on the record label you would like to order it from!



dark circles_abstracter_ 1550x1500_cover

Saturday 02.04.16 Germany – Berlin – Vendetta Fest
Sunday 03.04.16 Germany – Hamburg – Rote Flora
Monday 04.04.16 Germany – Mainz – Haus Mainusch
Tuesday 05.04.16 Germany – Mannheim – Juz
Wednesday 06.04.16 Czech Republik – Pilzen- Pekelna Brana
Thursday 07.04.16 Czech Republik – Prag – Club 007
Friday 08.04.16 Austria – Abtenau – Neudegg Alm
Saturday 09.04.16 Italy – Bozen – Bunker Youth Center
Sunday 10.04.16 Italy – Bologna – Freakoutclub
Monday 11.04.16 Italy – Perugia – CSOA Ex Mattatoio
Tuesday 12.04.16 Italy – Varese – Cantine Coopuf
Wednesday 13.04.16 Austria – Linz – Kapu
Thursday 14.04.16 Germany – Leipzig – Doom Over Leipzig
Friday 15.04.16 Germany – Verden – AZ Bazillus
Saturday 16.04.16 Belgium – Ieper – De Vort´n Vis


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