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Death Metal

ZOUS “No Ground To Give” is a Cataclysmic DEATH METAL/HARDCORE Event!!!

WTF… let’s say it one more time, WTF! ZOUS‘s new album No Ground To Give is totally John Blaze!!! I fucking love the thick, disgusting riffs that put a battery in my back to say FUCK AUTHORITY! Taylor (with help from some radical friends) has something to say! Not only do I hear him, but I totally feel where he is coming from. His vocal delivery on No Ground To Give is putrid, but also it’s straight to the point! ZOUS’s songs have these insanely awesome pits of chaotic empathy that separate them from the pact! When y’all blast the song “Pray A Lie,” I’m sure y’all will become a fan instantly.

ZOUS is not a death metal band that’s posturing for some metal fantasy land, this shit is about real life. I say this because the Anti Racist energy of Hardcore is alive and kicking ass in all of ZOUS anthems of filth! Yo Taylor, if you peep this, I want to say thank you for creating one of my favorite Death Metal records of the past decade. I also want to say good looking out for taking a stand against white supremacy and overstanding that we all have to FIGHT BACK together! No Ground To Give is out now via Closed Casket Activities/Maggot Stomp.

I love classic death metal that almost sounds like hardcore. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. I had a long time to think about how I hoped it would sound, and now the project has an aesthetic of its own.

It’s a direct response to the George Floyd tragedy. I hated the idea someone would get upset over rioting in response to such a fucked-up thing. If you’re stepped on long enough, you’re going to fight back.

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