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WTF SCALP’s ‘BLACK TAR’ is a DEATH VIOLENCE Weapon of Mass Sonic Destruction!

WTF WTF WTF SCALP is back with a new album called BLACK TAR out now on Closed Casket Activities. Unholy Hell, this band has really created a sound that is all of their own. I swear, when I listen to this album, I feel like I need to shower afterward because it’s that dirty! Their songs will scrape out your eardrums and make you dream from the perspective of a serial killer! I know know what sonic pain sounds like: it sounds like the new SCALP album. This is not a full review this is just a message to y’all to let y’all know that I’m addicted to the punishing album that is BLACK TAR. This band makes me feel like I’m in some fucked up alleys of Hollywood when I should have my ass at home in bed. SCALP’s music holds up a mirror to the ugly place that we call Amerikkka. I also want y’all to peep this incendiary full set from the band!

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