World Premiere! New GAZM Video “PSYKOSOCIETY”

I FUCKING LOVE HARDCORE PUNK and have for many decades. I don’t see myself not digging this type of music anytime soon, because when it’s done right, it becomes a part of my core! Case in point is MONTREAL’s GAZM. Damn, this FUCKING band RULES on so many levels and I can listen to their 7 inch MENACE TO THA EARTH on repeat all day, every day. Their homie Hugo Bernier just created a new video for them for their new anthem “PSYKOSOCIETY,” and we get to premiere it!!!  I dig this visual for its honest humor, plus the song kicks ass. The song will be on an upcoming split via Byllepest Distro called Infection 1 – Worldwide Hardcore Attack. On the real, support GAZM because they create rad punk music for punks…plus some of them have tagging skills, which I will cover on a later date. Right now, awesome recognize awesome – check out the brand new GAZM video for “PSYKOSOCIETY.”





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