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This Friday, shit is about to change because GAZM’s debut album Heavy Vibe Music is being released via 11PM Records. Unholy awesomeness, I have been waiting forever for this band to put out their full length, and all I can say is that it is so worth the wait! Every song

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So what do we have here? A worldwide 4-way hardcore punk split entitled INFECTION 1 that I am fucking addicted to, and I have feeling you will be too! First up, my favorite Hardcore band doing it right now GAZM is on it and they rock hard as ever!!! Negativ (Norway),

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Photographer: Arina Moiseychenko Based in: Toronto, ON   ONE Everything starts with a rug on a wall, some slippers and a handful of grapes. My friendship with Alessia started with pain, lots of mourning and trying to write sad teenage-boy-loving songs in her bedroom. We both wore vintage dresses covered in

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I FUCKING LOVE HARDCORE PUNK and have for many decades. I don’t see myself not digging this type of music anytime soon, because when it’s done right, it becomes a part of my core! Case in point is MONTREAL’s GAZM. Damn, this FUCKING band RULES on so many levels and

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